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Taste of the East

Oakville's Most Popular Asian Restaurant

We have a variety of different soups to choose


Traditional and delicious Chinese noodles, you'd better have a try


Not a dessert, but more delicious than dessert


Our Story Begins In The East

Chinese food is very unique and traditional. Grains are the main food in China. Rice is the favorite grain among the people in the South. In the north, people prefer wheat, which they make in to bread and noodles. Corn millet, and sorghum are also eaten. Vegetables, especially cabbage and Tofu rank second in Chinese diet. Roasted sweet potatoes are a popular snack eaten by the Chinese. Pork and poultry are the favorite meats in China. The people also like eggs, fish, fruit, and shellfish. Chop Suey originated in China. Chop sticks and soup spoons are served as the only utensils at a Chinese meal. 


"When you drink the water, remember the spring"

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